Nivis by Shiro Studio
The aesthetic of white.

White is the combination of all colors within a light spectrum, which not only gives people a sense of cleansing brightness, but also reminds one of a beginning, an origin.

Shiro Studio from London was established by Andrea Morgante in 2009, which mainly engages in the fields of construction and product design. The name of the studio – “Shiro Studio”, means white in Japanese. The reason is because out of all the colors, white is often understood as the closest and simplest way to achieve creativity.

Running along with the studio’s belief, the Nivis we see here is their design for Italian furniture brand Agape. This washstand is named after the Latin term for snow because it also has a white appearance and creates a strong visual sense of minimalism. Created with Cristalplant, the washstand has two concave spaces where the smaller one acts as a soap holder and the other one acts as an arc, so when water flows through the faucet, it will follow the shape and trickle down into the drain. The product equally pleases the different senses of the human experience in its design and functionality.