Heading To Fuji
Grid Legends 'Enduring Spirit' content

Grid Legends, the fifth instalment in the Grid racing game franchise developed by Codemasters, continues  in its successful format in delivering thrilling wheel-to-wheel racing on circuits across the globe. With the recent launch of the second premium content pack, we are taken to Fuji International Speedway — a classic circuit never featured in a Grid game before — for some racing actions with new story events and new cars.

The Enduring Spirit pack debuts the multi-class endurance racing game mode. Under the ‘Driven to Glory’ story mode, gamers are to take up the role of prodigy driver Lara Carvalho and race alongside Yume Tanaka at the first Seneca Grid of Legends tournament, with eight themed story experiences and story events. Players are also allowed to race for longer and up to five classes at the same time under this mode.

The iconic Fuji Speedway circuit is famous for its high-speed straights and technical tight turns. The arrival of the circuit in Grid Legends offers four available routes, with the full route containing a technical third sector and mammoth start/finish straight.

As with most gaming DLCs, the new pack comes with four new racing machines, namely the Bentley Speed 8, Bentley Continental GT3 and BMW V12 LMR, and Autozam AZ-1 Mazdaspeed Kei. There are also three new sponsored Career Events and plenty of icons, liveries and banners for in-game use.