Fluid Time-Telling

HYT is the first and only brand that incorporates microfluidic technology into watchmaking, and it is clear why their watches have left their marks in the history of horology, despite the brand only being founded a few years ago.

Their latest H0 collection features three different watches, all featuring the same structure; a 48.8 mm extra-large titanium case paired with a domed sapphire crystal, which directly wraps around the case and allows clear viewing of the patented microfluidic hours display. There are two flexible bellows with a capillary attached at each end, with one end filled with a coloured liquid and a transparent one on the other. When the active bellow fills with the coloured liquid expands and advances, the meniscus separating the two liquids indicates the hour. After 12 hours, the coloured liquid reaches the end of the capillary and starts moving backward, returning to its original position for another cycle of time-telling.

Using circle, droplet and waves as the basis for H0’s volume, HYT reinforces their principle of seeing space and time as one, and the curves on the watch are inspired by smooth pebbles worn by mountain streams. The minute and second indicators are designed with futuristic style. The minutes can be read via the hand positioned at 12 o’clock and the small counter at 9 o’clock indicates the seconds, while the power reserve level can be viewed through the cutaway at 2 o’clock. The sapphire crystal offers a harmonious feel in its appearance, plus it also allows the reading of time on the side of the watch. The fixings of the supple rubber strap integrate into the case middle, leaving the watch’s smooth silhouette uninterrupted and maximising its comfortability.