Feels Like Analog
Leica M10-D

Leica has just released the latest member M10-D which brings the experience of analog photography back into a digital camera. M10-D does not have a display at the back, but it is replaced with a mechanical dial for direct control of exposure compensation. Additionally, the camera features an integrated fold-out thumb rest at the top of the camera. While it does have not have a technical function, it offers additional grip and stability especially when holding the camera single-handed. M10-D can be paired with the Visoflex electronic viewfinder for even better flexibility and control. Moreover, it is possible for user to determine the level of digital engagement during the photography process. For example, the Wi-Fi function can be activated directly with the on/off ring on the back of the camera, so that the camera is paired with the Leica FOTOS App installed on an iOS or Android device, enjoying all the capabilities offered by a modern and high quality digital camera. The configurations of M10-D are similar to those found on M10 and M10-P, featuring the same 24 MP CMOS sensor and Maestro-II image processor.