Family-Sized Explorer
Renault Subtil by Wojciech Jurkowski

The Renault Subtil is a concept car created by Polish designer Wojciech Jurkowski and published on Behance. His creation is in reaction to the lack of interior space in urban vehicles, which limits city dwellers’ opportunities to travel and play their favourite sports. Jurkowski aimed to create a car that offers users a more substantial capacity allowing urban populations the chance to explore areas farther from home to breathe in fresher air.

The result is the Renault Subtil, a luxurious pickup truck combining capacity with the safety and comfort of an SUV. Power comes from four independent electric motors located within the wheels. The automatic folding roof allows owners to adapt the vehicle to their needs. The Renault Subtil can transform a four-seater with a standard luggage compartment, to a two-seater with a more significant luggage compartment, for family holiday exploration or camping. Additionally, Jurkowski also suggests installing a 360-degree camera system to assist in autopilot mode, and also allow passengers to use VR 3D glasses to admire the passing scenery.