Driver-Centric Supercar
Gordon Murray T.50

Sketches of Gordon Murray Automotive’s T.50 were first seen last year, and after much anticipation, the all-British supercar has now finally been unveiled in full. As the successor of the McLaren F1 – also penned by Murray – the T.50 is focused on delivering the purest, most driver-centric experience while also retaining day-to-day usability.

The T.50 is not only the 50th car Murray has designed, but it also celebrates his 50-year-long career in the automotive field. The new supercar has been engineered to deliver optimum all-round performance instead of focusing on chasing power or top speed figures – meaning that 0-100 km/h and other numbers have not been announced. What we do know is that the bespoke 3.9-litre V12 Cosworth GMA engine delivers 654hp and 467Nm of torque, and is the highest-revving naturally-aspirated road car engine ever, capable of reaching 12,100rpm max. It’s also the lightest road-going V12 engine, weighing in at 178kg, and is paired with a manual six-speed transmission. The impressive specs continue, with the T.50 weighing only 986kg – 150kg lighter than the McLaren F1. Both the body and chassis are constructed from carbon fibre, with an extra-thin material used for its glazing to further save weight. 

Another feature that sets the T.50 apart from its peers is the 400mm fan at the rear. Many would remember Murray’s Formula 1 BT46B ‘fan car’ but few would notice the two fans on the McLaren F1, hidden beneath the car’s rear haunches. Together with the active rear spoilers and interactive diffusers, the 48-volt electric fan helps to increase downforce by up to 50% and reduce drag by 12.5%, giving the car an extra 50hp and cutting down its braking distance by 10m at 150mph.

The car’s Direct Path Induction Sound engineering and carefully crafted carbon fibre roof panels, combined with the fact that the engine doesn’t have a cover, also ensures a full symphony of engine sounds can be heard in the cabin. The fighter-style central driving position continues on from the design of the F1, ensuring an immersive driving experience.

Priced at £2.36m (before taxes), the T.50 is limited to only 100 examples. Check out the 21-minute video below in which Murray himself explains the finer details of this exceptional machine.