Alternative Protection
Asics Runners Face Cover

With numbers of daily confirmed COVID-19 cases still high and face masks still being compulsory in all public areas in Hong Kong, it’s not unrealistic to assume that wearing a mask will be the norm for quite a while yet. Considering the number of masks required for a longer time period and how most masks are single-use items, it would be better to opt for a reusable mask when possible to lower the impact on the environment. On top of that, wearing a medical mask while exercising isn’t particularly comfortable, especially in hot weather conditions. Fortunately, Asics has just released a reusable face mask designed specifically for wearing while running. 

The Asics Runners Face Cover prevents the spread of droplets by covering the wearer’s nose and mouth without restricting airflow. The design offers more space than usual face masks and makes it easier to breathe while keeping saliva inside the mask, although it’s worth noting that it doesn’t offer high protection and shouldn’t be worn if visiting high-risk places such as the hospital.

The washable fabric has a water-repellent exterior for protection and dries quickly for improved comfort. It’s also made using around 31% recycled material and features an adjustable fit that allows for comfortable face coverage for a wide range of runners.