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Honda Mean Mower Mk. 2

Honda is not just famous for its production cars and motorbikes. The automaker also manufactures all types of engine-related machinery, such as industrial generators, marine engines, lawnmowers and snowthrowers. In 2014, Honda’s Mean Mower broke the Guinness record and became the world’s fastest lawnmower, but the title was taken soon after by a Viking lawn tractor. Now Honda is hitting back with the Mean Mower Mk 2.

Appearance-wise the Mean Mower Mk. 2 looks slightly cooler than your average lawn mower, but underneath the sharp body lies the same 1.0-litre four-cylinder engine found on the CBR1000R Fireblade motorcycle, producing 189 hp and 114 Nm of torque. The lawnmower can reach over 215 km/h, faster than quite a number of road cars. It’s difficult to rate the effectiveness of the Mean Mower Mk. 2 when it comes to actually cutting grass, but at least it makes completing chores seem a whole lot more exciting and fun.