BMW i8 Spyder
An open-topped hybrid gem

It’s hard to deny that the BMW i8 is a beautiful piece of automotive design. It boasts a futuristic silhouette and jaw-dropping lines and best of all, it’s a hybrid car powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine mated to an electric motor. With the announcement of the open-top Spyder version of the i8, however, it’s about to get even better by marrying the wind-in-your-hair driving experience with all the eco-friendly performance of the hardtop.

Originally debuting at the Geneva Auto Show in 2012, the i8 Spyder will presumably feature the concept’s removable roof panels — versus a folding soft-top — while the powerful hybrid motor will churn out the same 357 horsepower as the coupe. The only thing that changes, it seems, is the sticker price, which is understandably higher than the standard i8’s, and prospective buyers can expect the car to make it to showrooms sooner rather than later.