Bauhaus For The Home
MuralsWallpaper Bauhaus-inspired collection

Next year marks the 100th anniversary of Staatliches Bauhaus, the iconic art school founded by Walter Gropius which its style influenced many generations of artists, architects and designers. MuralsWallpaper has designed a new signature mural collection to celebrate this occasion.

Referencing classic Bauhaus geometric forms and colours, these six designs are inspired by the colour theory work of Josef Albers and by László Moholy-Nagy, and are scaled up as murals  suitable for home, office or other living space in custom size. The layered architectural shapes, shifting directions and minimal lines are presented with the contrast of sharp angles and soft, curved shapes. MuralsWallpaper has tuned down Bauhaus’ iconic primary colour palette to more accessible shades that better blend in with modern interior. These murals are offered on flat concrete textures, again taking note from the Bauhaus movement and its architecture.