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On Mountain Hut

Situated around 2,500 metres up in the Swiss Alps, the On-Mountain Hut is a minimalist cabin built of sustainable materials and has zero impact on the environment. It was created by Zurich-based running brand On as a symbol of showing their fondness love for the Alps. The three co-founders put together their first business plan for the brand while hiking in Engadin.

Thilo Alex Brunner, head of design and co-founder of the brand, was responsible for the design of the duplex. Using modular structure means that the hut is easy to set up and dismantle. The exterior is made of metal, reflecting the beautiful landscape around the cabin, while the interior is cosy with lots of wood. The hut sleeps two and is entirely self-sufficient, using energy generated from the solar panels and water collected and filtered from mountain streams. When it is disassembled later this year, it will leave no waste behind.