Art Deco Body Kit
NMoto Golden Age

Everyone loves the streamlined silhouette of a pre-war vintage motorcycle but owning one isn’t exactly achievable or even practical for most of us in the real world. The time and resources required for ongoing maintenance, the lack of comfort, and the danger of parking it anywhere all play into why a true vintage motorcycle isn’t something you’d want to live with day in – day out. This is why NMoto and its motorcycle body kits are quickly gaining popularity. The Florida-based company recently launched its fourth design package for the retro riders among us.

The NMoto Golden Age body shell references the 1936 Henderson Courtney for its pre-war, Art Deco appearance. The timeless lines have been created in decidedly modern carbon fibre body pieces. Components such as powder coated front and rear subframes, a kidney grille at the front, LED headlight, taillight and turn signals all contribute to the stunning package.

NMoto has selected the BMW C 400 X as the foundation for the Golden Age body kit. The mid-size scooter works well for travelling within the city, and the 350cc engine, offering approximately 35 hp, is a solid and reliable unit. Other modern additions include a heated seat, Brembo disc brakes, an anti-lock braking system, automatic stability control, bluetooth connectivity and a dashboard with a multifunction 6.5-inch LCD display.

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