All-Electric Debut
Aston Martin Rapide E

Aston Martin has revealed details of the marque’s very first all-electric vehicle. Working with Williams Advanced Engineering, the upcoming Rapide E will sport the brand’s high performance nature.

The original 6.0-litre V12, gearbox and fuel tank are replaced by an 800V battery pack with 65kWh installed capacity, which sends its power to the two rear mounted electric motors and produces a combined target output of over 602hp and 950Nm of torque. Top speed is limited to 250km/h and a “sub-4.0 seconds” 0-60mph (0-96km/h) time is targeted for the majority of battery levels. The battery should be good for 322km on a single charge. If it is charged using an 800V outlet delivering 100kW or higher, then a full charge can be completed within an hour due to rapid charging speed.

Aston Martin is keen on retaining or even enhancing the feel, character and delivery of the V12-engined Rapide S. Special attention has been dedicated on the Rapide E’s characteristics, aerodynamics and driving handling, and Pirelli P-Zero low rolling-resistance tyres would help the electric car to achieve higher levels of aerodynamics, reduce frictional losses and cooling performance over its petrol-powered counterpart. Limited to just 155 examples, the Rapide E will be built at the company’s brand new electric car facility in St. Athan, Wales, with first delivery expected in Q4 2019.