The Charm Of Camo
New Era A-TACS Camo Collection

Camouflage is something that always stays in the trend, especially for casual wear. For fashionistas it’s just about preferences on the combination of shades and patterns, but for the army and other professions that requiring blending in with the natural environment, wearing well-developed camouflage gear could be a lifesaver. New Era is teaming up with A-TACS Camo – a brand that specialises in “Advanced Tactical
Concealment System” by the Digital Concealment Systems – to create a six-piece headwear collection for the season.

Though it is not life and death for common people like us, the patterns on the collection are developed with a specific purpose in mind. The A-TACS Camo print is created using a mathematical algorithm that writes organically shaped pixels. It looks slightly different from the camouflages we are familiar with for a more advanced concealing effect.

Two camo patterns are adopted in the collection. The Arid/Urban in beige and brown is developed for hiding in rocky and desert landscapes, while the Law Enforcement is created in blue, black and grey. The patterns adorn the whole cap complemented with “MCMXX” stitched at the front panel for marking the year New Era was born or the location of the company’s Buffalo headquarters. Other styles include black LA Dodgers and NY Yankees caps with A-TACS Camo print on the under visor.


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