A Highlight for a Fresh Breezy Day
Flannel Patchwork Scarf from Porter Classic

If a father’s interest and passion can be shared with the son, their relationship is bound to be intimate. If a father becomes the son’s working partner, or moreover, acting a mentor for each other, that is all the more treasurable.

Yoshida & Co. Ltd’s founder Kichizo Yoshida’s third son, Katsuyuki Yoshida, started the clothing brand Porter Classic in hands with his son Leo Yoshida in 2007. Stemming their inspirations from American vintage wear, not only have they shed light on cross generation fabric handling techniques, but also on the pursuit for excellent quality which has pushed the designs of textile to a whole new level.

This blue and green patchwork scarf makes one feel the natural breath of Spring. Created by the superb skills of Japanese craftsmen where the Japanese traditional multi-block fabric is taken as inspiration, they have stitched a lot of cloth together to reveal a sense of authenticity. Dyed with indigo dye by hand, the panels give the scarf a strong vintage flavor, making it not only suitable for keeping one warm but also as a highlight for a simple outlook.

HK$ 2,280
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Shop 11, G/F, Block B, 18 Ka Yip Street, Chai Wan