Worry-Free Luggage
Crash Baggage pop-up at Kapok Hong Kong

It is not unusual to feel nervous when waiting for your suitcases at the baggage claim area after each flight: Will the suitcases arrive on time? Will they come out without dents and look the same as you checked them in? If you want to take some of that stress off your shoulder then a deliberately dented Crash Baggage might be something you can consider.

All suitcases from Crash Baggage, an Italian brand founded by designer Francesco Pavia in 2013, have  dents that are caused by wear and tear so any new extra scratch or dent would be normal. Pavia believes that when you are handling an object that is already damaged, you always pay less attention to the object itself and concentrate on the pleasure of the activity you are doing.

The Crash Baggage pop-up is running from 27 June to 11 July at the renewed Kapok Flagship Store on Sun Street, featuring suitcases of different colours in three sizes. They are made of strong and lightweight 100% polycarbonate material and all come with a unique dented design. For those who love to express themselves there is the transparent Share collection, while the mini cases are good for organising your luggage as well as wearing them alone with the shoulder strap.