Vehicle With A Butler
EXIGEN concept car

With the development of fully autonomous driving technology getting more mature, we can see a lot more creative service design utilising the technology and offering something more interesting than just taking people from a location to another. Designers Bene Distler and Felix Marx have conceived an electric fleet concept in cooperation with automotive mechatronic systems supplier Brose that tackles passengers’ requirement for storage within a robotic butler.

EXIGEN is fully autonomous fleet vehicle powered by artificial intelligence. Passengers can share their data from calendar, smart home and connected devices to EXIGEN Cloud system and allow the system to allocate a vehicle with suitable interior and trunk configuration at the right time. The EXIGEN car itself has an extendable wheelbase. In additional to the standard module there are two more variants – station wagon and pick-up – that can be docked for carrying more passengers or bulky luggage like ski equipments or a bicycle. The robotic ‘butler’ is it fact an intelligent cargo drone that move out of the car and help loading in and out the passengers’ luggage. With a flexible surface it can make sure the items are held firmly in place during the transfer, leaving the passengers at ease.