Views From Space
“blu Marble” installation by Sebastian Errazuriz

Chilean Artist and activist Sebastian Errazuriz is known for his unorthodox designs such as the mechanical cabinets or taxidermy poultry lamps. His latest project has increased in scale, but comparatively less provocative. The “blu Marble” is a monumental, 20-foot LED structure depicting a live stream Earth from space in the heart of New York where many can admire his work of art. 

To obtain the imagery, Sebastian’s team created a bot that scrapes live photographs from a NASA satellite and merges them by using an exclusive software to compose a live video of Earth as seen from space. The structure is located at 159 Ludlow Street and will be living streaming day and night for a month starting from 13 March. To celebrate the launch,  there will be a neighborhood display in cooperation with the New Museum on the first night, which blu Marble will be projected on the facade of the museum and transform the Manhattan skyline.

“blu Marble is a reminder of our miraculously fragile existence. It places our very existence in perspective at a global level – as a tiny spec in space – beckoning us to live fully with an awareness and mindfulness of our limited time on this vulnerable and beautiful planet,” explains Sebastian Errazuriz.