Not Just For Babies
Bugatti Baby II

Bugatti is bringing back the Type 35 toy car for celebrating its 110th anniversary. The Bugatti Baby was first produced by Ettore and his son Jean Bugatti in 1926. This one-off, half-scale Type 35 replica was created for Ettore’s youngest son, Roland, for his fourth birthday. The toy car went into production base on customer’s demand and around 500 samples were sold between 1927 and 1936.

A contemporary version, Baby II, is now being introduced, and again under a limited run of 500 samples. Unlike the original toy car, the new Baby II is a three-quarters-size replica of the Bugatti Type 35 which means adults can enjoy it too. It will be fitted with an electric drivetrain, while the removable lithium-ion battery packs sending power to the rear wheels. Baby II will come with two power modes: a 1kW ‘child mode’ with top speed limited to 20 km/h, and a 4kW ‘adult mode’ with higher top speed at 45 km/h. Owners can also opt for the ‘Speed Key’ upgrade that boosts the power to 10kW and takes away the speed limiter. Price starts at €30,000 and Bugatti is  taking pre-order on the dedicated website.