The Future Race Car
Lamborghini Raton by Davide Pellicciari

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio concept, unveiled at the end of 2017. The concept is the automaker’s take on creating highly futuristic electric supercar in collaboration with MIT. Italian car design graduate Davide Pellicciari has taken the concept further and transformed it into a race car beyond Formula 1 and moving onto a new type of racing, incorporating innovative and cutting-edge solutions in terms of both aerodynamics and mechanics.

The exterior of the Lamborghini Raton concept has actually moved away from Terzo Millennio. The aerodynamics are variable and managed automatically by the car through sensors. The car is staying tight on the track even during cornering for best performance. The next generation rims have magnetic components and can be charged electrostatically or magnetically. The body is covered in a brand new material that is light and dynamic, and is able to illuminate and change colour. It is a feature that can be used to alert other drivers if there’s something wrong with the car. The Raton is definitely from a future even more further way from now than the Terzo Millennio.