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Denim Camo Collection by New Era

You’d be extremely hard-pressed to find a wardrobe out there that has no denim items whatsoever — denim has become such a basic and essential element in fashion that the hard-wearing material has become simply indispensable. You can’t walk two minutes through any city on earth without seeing jeans, jackets, shirts, and other accessories crafted from the ubiquitous material, and its sturdiness allows fashion pieces to hold their shape easily while also wearing gracefully. Comfort level? Thanks to the cotton blend, denim offers versatile wearing for all seasons.

According to French Vogue, the ever-essential denim has found its way back onto the catwalks of some international fashion brands after some time away, and now New Era has added its own little touch to this fashionable fabric by blending denim and military camouflage for its new Spring 2020 collection.

The DENIM CAMO collection features two easy-matching headwear options, the 59FIFTY and bucket hat. Both pieces boast a unique washed indigo denim fabric with all-over camo patterning, merging two strong street-style trends into one perfectly-toned statement. These two pieces are definitely unusual, but the potential for pairing with oversized-styling or even an all-denim mix-and-match is most definitely there.