3D display without aid
Continental 3D Digital Cluster

The entire automotive industry has never been settled with what they have developed but has been continuously exploring new technologies for both the performance of the car and the enjoyment of the driver and passengers.  Further to the digitalization of the instrument cluster, the more advanced 3D version is already on its way.

Developed by Continental, the German automotive parts manufacturing company specializing in interior electronics and more, the production-ready 3D display will be first used in the Genesis GV80, the luxury SUV of the brand.  No glasses nor other aids are required for viewing the 3D imagery; instead, the stereoscopic image is created by the parallax barriers which divide the image into two slightly offset views.  To ensure optimal effect, an interior has been used to detect driver’s line of sight for adjusting the picture display.  In addition, the interior camera is also set as a monitor for checking if the driver is tired or staring too long at the screen.  Notifications will be sent to gently remind the driver.

According to Continental, the 3D effect is not so fancy that will distract drivers.  On the contrary, various useful information can be displayed more clearly which helps drivers to read more easily.

Though this new technology is already production-ready, it will not be officially put into production until 2022.

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