Touchscreen Guitar
Lava Me 3 Smart Guitar

Smartphones have become an extension of nearly everyone’s body, and the screens don’t stop there, with many other essential items in daily life such as electrical appliances and home security systems now featuring smart functionality. Now, startup Lava has brought to us yet another device that we never knew we needed — a smart guitar with touch display.

The high-tech guitar features a 3.5-inch multi-touch display integrated with the HILAVA operating system that allows players to play, record, or share music without external gear, and the built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi make sure syncing files to a mobile phone is simple and easy. A series of apps have already been loaded onto the operating system, offering different functions including tuning, practising and recording, and all can be done much easier. The smart guitar perhaps benefits players at beginning level even more, as the Practice app can detect accuracy and generate a report for reviewing and improving, while the Effects and Loops apps help saving on buying extra pedals.

Built using AirSonic 2.0 carbon fibre composite with honeycomb structure and FreeBoost 2.0 actuator, the Lava Me 3 is solid and offers enhanced acoustic sound. Available in 36-inch or 38-inch editions and six different colours to suit different players, there’s something for every tech-focused guitar nerd out there.