Thoughtfully Done
Cool & Vintage Land Rover Defender 110 art car

Keith Haring painted a 1971 Series 3 Land Rover in his signature vibrant colours, cookie-cutter people and crawling babies drawn in black with army green body. Up-and-coming Lisbon artist Vasco Costa might have borrowed Haring’s colourful palette, but his work on this Land Rover Defender 110 for Cool & Vintage is equally subtle.

Costa has only hand-painted the chassis and the rearview mirror cover of the fully restored 1983 Land Rover. The Lisbon-themed graphics are mostly hidden under the mute and neutral light grey body. Cool & Vintage explains that every single one of their car is built for the road unlike what is displayed in a museum or a one-off car. A billboard-like art car with giantic graphics isn’t something for daily journey on the road, and the future owner can always lift up the body or crawl underneath it the car to appreciate the thoughtful execution of the vehicle.