The Harley-Davidson Spirit
The Archaeologist Gin

Ehinger Kraftrad, a motorcycle builder and parts retailer based in Hamburg, has literally produced the “Harley Davidson spirit.” The Archaeologist Gin is infused with vintage Harley Davidson engine parts, left inside the bottle for drinkers viewing pleasure.

Three gin variants were produced, each with engine parts of different bikes: 1939 Flathead cam gears, 1947 Knucklehead shaft nuts and 1962 Panhead rocker arms. Interestingly no nosing or tasting notes are given, but the parts are food-safe sealed with 99% tin coating then mounted on steel. It is difficult to know whether the engine parts truly flavour the gin. Appearance-wise the Archaeologist Gin ticks all the boxes. The bottle is wrapped in waxing paper printed with the story of the very part inside. The packaging draws references from vintage part packaging, produced with a historical Heidelberg Tiegel printing press and attached with hand-stamped tap seal and riveted hang-tag.

Each 650 ml bottle was priced at €900 or more depending on the “flavour” and all were sold out quickly. The gin maker is now taking pre-order for the next series, but they have not specified if the new series is inspired by the same engines.

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