The Flagship Football Game
EA Sports FC 24

The iconic partnership between EA Sports and FIFA, which spanned an impressive three decades, came to a close last year. Now, the gaming giant has emerged with a brand-new football gaming series, aptly named EA Sports FC. The inaugural instalment, FC 24, is poised to make its debut on September 29th, hitting gaming consoles far and wide, including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Boasting an extensive roster featuring over 700 clubs, 30 leagues, and a staggering 19,000 players, EA Sports FC 24 has all the makings of a game that fans and enthusiasts alike have been awaiting eagerly.

For die-hard fans of the FIFA franchise, EA Sports FC 24 offers plenty of familiarity, albeit with a fresh and revitalised look. The game has undergone significant improvements, presenting players with a sleeker and more captivating experience. Most notably, EA Sports FC 24 excels in delivering a remarkable level of realism, from players’ appearances and movements to the vibrant atmosphere within the stadiums.

While the HyperMotion technology already made waves in FIFA 23, the latest iteration, HyperMotion V, takes things several steps further. Thanks to an extensive dataset drawn from over 180 top-tier matches, including fixtures from the UEFA Men’s and Women’s Champions League, English Premier League, and Spanish La Liga, the on-field actions of all 22 players flow seamlessly, mirroring real-life matches. With the assistance of AI Mimic, the distinctive gestures and body movements of top players are faithfully replicated, adding an unprecedented layer of authenticity.

The game’s powerhouse is its impressive Frostbite Engine, now improved with cutting-edge character technology. This enhancement extends authenticity to players’ facial features, physiques, and even the subtle ripple effects of their jerseys. The in-between moments are now more immersive than ever, too, with halftime and full-time segments featuring insightful commentary and behind-the-scenes glimpses. The new ‘PlayStyles’ further elevates the gaming experience, granting players unique abilities to shine on the pitch.

EA Sports FC 24 also welcomes the Ultimate Team feature, a beloved staple from the FIFA franchise. However, in what will no doubt be a shock to the more misogynistic fans out there, players can now assemble teams consisting of both male and female football stars.

The inclusivity extends to the realm of cross-play, which is now available in Clubs and Volta Football, among other game modes. Friends can seamlessly share a club across platforms, as long as they are on the same console generation, bridging the gap between PS5/Xbox Series X|S/PC and PS4/Xbox One players.

Mark your calendars for September 29th, as EA Sports FC 24 is set to hit the gaming scene with a bang.