Sophisticated Off-Roader
De Rosa x Pininfarina Metamorphosis bicycle

We are all familiar with the Pininfarina name and its wonderful coachwork in collaboration with some of the best automakers. What is less well-known is the fact that outside automobile, Pininfarina also applies its expertise bicycles design, and the latest example is the Metamorphosis bike in collaboration with Italian bicycle maker De Rosa.

This is not the first project between the two Italian companies, but Metamorphosis is described as the first ‘sport utility bike’ that can easily transform itself from urban to gravel bike by replacing the Comfort saddle and handlebar set-up to the Sport version. Deigned by Pininfarina, there is no question on the bike’s appearance. The dynamic body features a lightweight monocoque inner mould carbon frame. The  Shimano Alfine 8 Speed transmission offers smooth riding both in the city and off-road. The bike is fitted with 40 mm high profile aluminium wheels, allowing this sophisticated and modern looking bicycle to take a detour in the rough when the traffic is not ideal.