Return Of The New NFL Season
Madden NFL 24

While American football may not be as popular as football or basketball in Hong Kong, the NFL (National Football League) is an important part of many sports fans’s life globally, something that’s reflected in the popularity of the Madden NFL gaming series with a history of over three decades. For its latest instalment, Madden NFL 24, the introduction of new technology and gameplay depth has made the gaming experience even closer to actual clashes on the field.

Both the realism of the in-game characters’ appearances and their actions are equally crucial in creating a believable game. The EA Tiburon team introduced the FieldSENSE technology to the game last year, and the improvements in this technology in the latest instalment offer even better control in throwing, catching, and tackling. The new SAPIEN technology focuses on rebuilding the characters’ skeleton with more body definition and physique variation, leading to more lifelike characters with fluid actions. Combined with Foundational Football that enhances blocking, ball carrier pathfinding, quarterback decision-making, and defensive back behaviours, the new game is a step up in realism.

For the first time, Madden NFL 24 provides cross-platform gaming in head-to-head and certain online multiplayer modes. The Superstar Mode also returns with new additions such as 3v3 Superstar Showdown which allows gamers to play with friends, plus an updated rendition of NFL Combine with weekly mini-games.  The Franchise Mode is now more depth too, with tasks such as contract restructuring, trade improvements, and more customisations. Mini-games have also made their debut in this mode with training camp and weekly training sessions.

Madden NFL 24 is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.