Personal Flying Hotel
Lufthansa Technic Explorer Concept

Owning a private jet is already out of reach for nearly everyone on earth, but Lufthansa Technic is taking private aircraft to the next level with the launch of the Explorer concept.

Described as a personal “flying hotel”, the Explorer concept uses the Airbus Corporate Jet ACJ330 platform, a classic wide-body aircraft that offers ample space for new cabin ideas. The proposed floorplan options are designed for just eight to twelve passengers onboard, so that a five-star hotel level of comfort and amenities can be ensured. Besides the necessities such as bedrooms, bathrooms, office spaces, and meeting rooms, the interior has been designed to be multi-functional. Lufthansa has suggested a dining room, dance floor, spa and fitness areas, but that’s completely up to to the owner. With the integration of the Diehl Aerospace ceiling projection system, the interior atmosphere can be changed easily, be it a mimic of the clear blue sky, underwater immersion, or a nightclub vibe.

Special equipment can be brought on board too, including a wine cellar, a car, or even a fleet of vehicles as showcased in the mobility lounge created in partnership with Brabus. After all, it’s not just about the hours spent in the air — the time spent at the destination is equally important, and the Explorer is here to enhance that experience. This is why a stunning open-air seating area is included thanks to the retractable deck, extending the interior into the outdoors for what could possibly be the ultimate, albeit somewhat useless flex. After all, it’s not as though you can just roll up to the beach and extend your deck for an afternoon in the sun!