A Practical Crossover
Undercover x Airinum Urban air Mask 2.0

In a time when face masks are still part of our daily life,  it’s not surprising that there is a very high demand for masks that offer sufficient protection and are aesthetically appealing at the same time. The washable and reusable Urban Air Mask 2.0, created by Swedish mask maker Airinum, fits this bill perfectly and is known for its tight fit and optimal comfort. The company recently launched another collaboration with a fashion brand that we’re all familiar with — Undercover, led by Jun Takahashi.

The limited-edition Airinum Urban Air Mask 2.0 comes in two styles. The first is in plain charcoal grey, and the second features a specially designed pattern on a brown background. The words “CHAOS” and “BALANCE” can be found on the right and left edges of the mask, and the exhalation valves and exhalation valve stoppers also receive special touches by Undercover. In addition to the mask skin, inside the package, there are two replaceable mask filters, a head strap, and a travel pouch all designed by Undercover.

Available now in three sizes, the Charcoal and Pattern masks are priced at HK$ 739 and HK$ 839.