One More Glimpse
Maserati MC20

Maserati is set to unveil its new MC20 supercar in early September at the “MMXX: The Time to be Audacious” event in Modena, Italy. The automaker has previously shown glimpses of the car with its own camouflaged livery, including a prototype paying tribute to Sir Stirling Moss and his Maserati Eldorado single-seater race car driven at Monza in 1958. Lucky onlookers were also able to catch a peek of an MC20 test car driving around the streets of Modena, near the marque’s factory.

While the silhouette of the latest Maserati mid-engine car might remind netizens of the Ferrari 430 among other iconic models from Maranello, its signature grille and headlights are unmistakably Maserati. We can also see massive air inlets on the hood, sides, below the door sills, and near the windows. Still, it’s difficult to see the MC20’s full form when it’s concealed in camouflage wrap, and Maserati has even taped the rims to hide as many details as possible. 

The MC20 will be fitted with an in-house V6 3.0 biturbo engine boasting 630hp at 8000 rpm and a maximum of 730Nm of torque through the eight-speed double-clutch gearbox. Plans for hybrid and all-electric versions of the new super sportscar are also in the works.