Blooming Digital Art
Flowers Bombing Home by teamLab

Japanese art collective teamLab has created an interactive project that can be manipulated from the comfort of your own home. During this time of pandemic as we spend more time inside, the Flowers Bombing Home project is a thoughtful way for people around the world to experience teamLab’s digital art.

teamLab has created a series of flowering colouring templates for Flowers Bombing Home. Simply draw on the template on your smart device or have it printed, coloured and snapped, then upload your artwork to the dedicated website. Soon you can see your work on television via the YouTube app, not just as a static image, but as part of a collective piece created with other participants, with the flowers blooming and scattering magically in teamLab’s signature style.

The flower blooming digital project will run until the end of the pandemic. “When the coronavirus ends, perhaps they will bloom and scatter all at once in various places all over the world. And, in the future, the flowers will continue to bloom forever as artwork for people to remember this era,” teamLab explains. Check out the Flowers Bombing Home website to join, or take a look at what has been created on the real-time video below.