Multipurpose Mobile Space
MINI Vision Urbanaut Concept

When it was first invented, the purpose of the automobile was to transport people from one location to another in a quicker, more efficient fashion. It didn’t take long for this to catch on, and today the enjoyment gained from driving is being emphasised and is equally as important when selecting a modern car. In the future though, vehicles might be seen quite differently. With the driving element not part of the equation anymore, a comfortable mobile space could look more like the Mini Vision Urbanaut electric concept car.

The latest digital concept from Mini is all about maximising interior space while promoting versatility so that the vehicle can suit different purposes, moods, and activities. The minivan is 14.6 feet long and features just one sliding door as the entrance. The Vision Urbanaut opens up using a smart device and allows more people to share the car.

Central to the concept is the Mini “Token”, a palm-size disc that activates three pre-designed modes dedicated to different scenarios beyond driving. Just place the Token in the table at the centre of the car and wait for the exterior and interior to transform. In the “Chill” mode, the car becomes a kind of retreat for relaxation or work.  “Wanderlust” is the mode that allows manual driving instead of purely automated driving, and “Vibe” is for when the vehicle is stationary and opens the car up the most. The windscreen can be lifted up, and the dashboard can be lowered and turned into a daybed joined by the rotatable front seats.

The futuristic-looking exterior includes details such as digital headlights and taillights, as well as transparent “skateboard wheels” that illuminate from the inside, with the colours and graphics changing according to the mode. Other settings change things such as fragrance, ambient lighting, music and more.

This is just a digital vision, and Mini has not set any date for its launch, but we’d certainly enjoy seeing a concept like this come to life.