It’s May The 4th Again
“Impressive, Most Impressive” Star Wars-themed exhibition by Ted Lincoln & Adam Lister

Ask any Star Wars fan, May the 4th is no ordinary day; it’s ‘Star Wars Day’, as in “May the 4th be with you”. Each year fans celebrate the birth of George Lucas’ film all around the world, and this year at the Black Book Gallery in Colorado, artists Ted Lincoln and Adam Lister will be launching their Star Wars-inspired exhibition dubbed “Impressive…Most Impressive”, showcasing a series of artworks created particularly in reference to the ‘Galactic Empire’, a fictional autocracy featured in the Star Wars franchise.

Ted Lincoln is known for using burly pieces of hardwood inlaid with mother of pearl to create his artwork; while Adam Lister is well known for his “pixelated” watercolor paintings, the duo transforms and highlights iconic images of Darth Vader, Star Destroyers, Royal Guards, Boba Fett and other characters from the film through their unique styles.

The exhibition will open this Friday (May 4) and run until May 31.

“Impressive Most Impressive”
Black Book Gallery,
304 Elati St. Denver, Colorado