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The Air Jordans Project

To most sneaker freaks, Air Jordan is something having a special status. Judging by the series’ popularity and longevity, saying anyone who collects sneakers would have a pair or many definitely won’t be wrong. San José-based creative director and designer Carlos Jiménez Varela who specialises in photo composite and retouching has dedicated a whole collection of work to every single Air Jordan model.

Simply named “The Air Jordans Project”, the idea of the collection of work is pretty straight forward. He created surreal and epic portraits of every model of Air Jordan shoes ever released by blowing them up and putting them into a situation using images taken from royalty free websites. What we have here are the Air Jordan 1 in classic black and red lying on the street as if they were left by a giant, or the Air Jordan 4 just taking the subway. Another funny one includes the Air Jordan 14 leading a Ferrari F1 race car on the track. While Varela says the reason for creating the series is mainly for practising his Photoshop skills, it does bring us joy to see these familiar shoes taking up spaces they wouldn’t be. Visit Varela’s Instagram to appreciate the full series and see his comment on each Air Jordan model.