Next Level Scooter
D-Fly Dragonfly

Electric scooter is booming in many cities especially Europe. London-based startup D-Fly has just launched their first product the Dragonfly, which the company claims to be the world’s first luxury high-performance Hyperscooter.

Dragonfly is like no other scooter with its unique design and performance. Borrowing the sleek lines of supercars, Dragonfly’s frame is made of carbon fibre, aerospace-grade aluminium and carbon-fibre-reinforced Paulownia wood. The LED headlights and turn signals are also prominent, unlike other similar products. Perhaps the patent-pending FullTilt Technology inspired by the control systems in F1 race cars is the key to make the scooter more exciting, utilising three-dimensional tilt and twist controls form a responsive and intuitive connection with the rider’s move. The single handle control bar with a rotary-controlled throttle just makes acceleration and braking much easier.

Dragonfly is available as a three-wheeler and four-wheeler. Both are powered by two motors generating 1,800-watt and offer speeds up to 61 km/h. The standard battery pack would just offer up to 18 km of range, but the long range battery unit allows a much welcomed 46 km. Deliveries of the scooter can be expected in Summer 2020.

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