Red Wing Heritage 2015 "Huntsman" & "Lineman" Boots
Commemorating the 110th Anniversary of the Red Wing Company
Words | Ztephen Lee
Photography | Kimio Ng

Founded in 1905, Red Wing is widely known for offering durable and hand-crafted quality work boots and has gained popularity over the years, specially backed by those who appreciate traditional Americana style. The renowned shoemaker has produced a distinct assortment of iconic boot styles such as 2907, 2913, 875, 8875, just to name a few. They have long been the choice for those who looks for rugged boots that will age well and last alongside their denim. As this year marks the 110th anniversary of Red Wing, the company has chosen 668 and 606 shoes as the blueprint for their brand new “Huntsman” and “Lineman” models of the Heritage collection, reimagining the iconic styles to commemorate the 110th anniversary.

Red Wing Anniversary Boot
The "Huntsman"
Stay True to the Red Wing Heritage
The "Lineman" 2995 / 2996

The “Huntsman”and the “Lineman” boots are priced at HK$ 3,280 and HK$ 3,120 respectively. Look for the Red Wing Heritage 2015 Collection at selected stockists in Hong Kong now.