A Place for Automotive Enthusiasts to Stay
Words | Ztephen Lee
Photography | Courtesy of V8 Hotel

There are many automotive-themed tourist attractions around the world such as world’s renowned automotive museum Cité de l’Automobile in France and amusement park Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, UAE that car enthusiasts like us would love to visit. This time we came to Stuttgart, the sixth-largest city of Germany, which is also known as the starting point of the worldwide automotive industry, to take a look inside the famous tourist spot of the city – V8 Hotel, a place for the automotive enthusiasts to stay.

Located in the former airport site of Stuttgart and surrounded by automotive facilities such as the MOTORWORLD, V8 Hotel is a four-star hotel with a total of 34 rooms, including 10 automotive themed rooms, which are inspired by V8 camp, petrol station, garage and racing track. Each of these rooms has its own individual touch and its character, and is furnished with racing car images hanging on the walls, car enthusiasts would be impressed with the attention to detail and the unique atmosphere of the rooms.

Among all these themed rooms, the “Mercedes Suite” must be the most distinctive room in the hotel. The room is located in the air traffic control tower of the former airport, offering 120 m² of space on four floors that equips with luxury amenities including a rooftop terrace, a private sauna, and a designer kitchen. Inside the suite, the front of the bed features a Mercedes-Benz W108 front-end which gives an unique look to the room, and completed with the industrial decoration style to deliver a sense of renovated luxury as well as a hint of nostalgia.

Besides the hotel, visitors can also go visit the nearby MOTORWORLD to pay a visit to the workshops and the showrooms of the facility. As the holiday season is fast approaching, if you are planning to travel abroad, Stuttgart and the V8 Hotel may be somewhere you may want to spend your holiday in.

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