Celebrating the Origin of the USA
American Revolution Bicentennial Standards Manual

If you are over 40 and grew up under the Stars and Stripes, you would likely be familiar with this logo.

It was the 200th anniversary of the American Revolution in 1976 and the country was filled with fireworks and official celebrations, as well as a new logo for the campaign. The five-pointed star wrapped by lines of red and blue you see here was designed by contest winner Bruce Blackburn. It was all over the streets in the ’70s and was a shared memory for all Americans.

New York based publishing company Standards Manual was founded by designers Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth two years ago, with the mission to revive classic graphic design books from the past. The reprinting of NASA Graphics Standards Manual we introduced earlier on is one of their projects, while the graphics standards manual for the Official Symbol of the American Revolution Bicentennial was reprinted not long ago. By coincidence, the two manuals were both designed by Bruce Blackburn.

As founder Smyth explained, the reason why they chose to reprint this manual was because Blackburn was commissioned for the NASA logo five years after this project. It was such a significant and meaningful project in Blackburn’s career. “But we also just love it,” Smyth said. “We think it’s a really interesting piece of design that was celebrating a big moment in the country’s history. From a pure design standpoint it’s a really nicely executed logo.”