Enjoy It Frame By Frame
Very Slow Movie Player by Bryan Boyer

Have you ever missed a detail in a movie and can’t figure it out even with re-watching and rewinding many times? Perhaps we can suggest you the Very Slow Movie Player to help with any scenes or details that you’ve ever missed. 

The Very Slow Movie Player is built with a Raspberry Pi computer, custom software, and a reflective ePaper display similar to the screen of Kindle ; all stored inside a 3D-printed case. Movies are normally played at a speed of 24 frames per second, but for the Very Slow Movie Player it is quite different. Here is how the player works – every 2.5 minutes a frame from the film stored on the computer’s memory card is extracted, converted to black and white and shown on the ePaper display. What you see in one second in a film will be displayed across the span of one hour. To put it into perspective, a 120-minute epic will turn into a 300-day, B&W decorative art.

The creator Bryan Boyer explained his thoughts on the project, “Can a film be consumed at the speed of reading a book? Yes, just as a car city can be enjoyed on foot. Slowing things down to an extreme measure creates room for appreciation of the object.”