Data vs. Humanity
Matthew M Williams x Nike 2018 Capsule Collection

Nike has teamed up with American designer Matthew M Williams on a capsule collection for the summer months. The designer, who is behind the streetwear label Alyx, gives a human touch to a data-driven, purpose-led series of training shirts, trousers and accessories for men and women.

The collection employs computational design to transform data (for instance, Atlas maps relaying heat and sweat zones as well as motion) into structural patterns that inform a new way of manufacturing a sport standard. “What computational design and computer data can offer is really the future of design,” says Williams. “It allows us to see things or take things further than we might otherwise. It helps to create a different perspective that we can build around. Working in tandem — with data and emotion — is super interesting.”

The designer also purposely adds a raw edge finish to the apparel, in order to create an “organic feel” to bring out the “imperfection” against the sharpness of computer design. “You need human beings to still figure out how to interpret data in a great way. The storytelling of how the product links to its use and bring an emotion to it into — tug on the heartstrings a little bit. That’s where I see my role,” he affirms. The results are T-shirts, long sleeve tops and tanks for men and women. Accessories-wise, towels and socks are offered in the collection.

If you are searching for some stylish training apparel, look for the collection at select Nike stores worldwide starting on July 12. Meanwhile, check out these lookbook images shot by famous fashion photographer Nick Knight.

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