Collaborated With Former Apple CDO
LoveFrom x Linn Sondek LP12-50

Design venture LoveForm may not be on everyone’s radar, but its cofounders, Jony Ive — Apple’s Chief Design Officer from 1992 to 2019 — and renowned industrial designer Marc Newson, have long been household names for fans of product design. Since leaving Apple, Jony Ive has been involved in a few key design projects, but this Linn limited edition turntable is the first piece of product design he has officially put his name to.

Using the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Scottish hi-fi and audio equipment manufacturer Linn and its Sondek LP12 turntable, Jony Ive suggested to the brand that a special edition of the Sondek LP12 could be created as a celebration, and the Sondek LP12-50 was born.

The limited-edition turntable is available in either natural wood or a painted white finish, with both finishes featuring minced aluminium power/speed control buttons and hinges that make the dust cover ultra-responsive to the user. The space grey colourway used on the aluminium base is an unmistakable signature of Ive’s design, and the same shade is used for the anodised arm board. There’s also an aluminium plaque with individual numbering and the name of the builder to signify how unique each turntable is.

Additionally, Linn has applied its latest all-new, pressure-formed Bedrok plinth technology that creates the brand’s best-to-date sonic performance. Layers of beech put under extreme pressure are used to create an acoustically-silent platform for a new level of sonic performance.

Like all Linn turntables, the Sondek LP12-50 comes with a premium price tag that starts from £50,000. Only 250 units will be available for this stunning collaboration.