Classic Exclusivity
PET De Lux

The latest work of Love Hultén is named ‘PET De Lux’, a beautiful American walnut-covered one-off tribute to the PET 2001 computer released by Commodore in 1977. Like the other brilliant works made from the artist, PET De Lux displays outstanding craftsmanship that’s an alternative to contemporary appliances. The difference is the Pet De Lux is focused less on creativity; instead, the design allows the original heritage to shine. The chiclet keyboard and the cassette deck occupy the same spot as the original, while the PET De Lux also includes two customised wireless joysticks, inspired by the famous TAC-2 controls.

While ‘PET De Lux’ wears its vintage appearance well, it contains a modern computer that imitates systems like the Commodore64, NES and more. For a game lover searching for beautiful things, the one-of-a-kind PET De Lux provides an exclusive and genuine entertainment experience.