Build Your Own Aston Martin
2014 Aston Martin Rapide Jet 2+2 by Bertone with moulds

 The Aston Martin Rapide Jet 2+2 built by Bertone unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The designer stretched the four door sedan for more room for the cabin to make additional cargo space. Commissioned by British enterpreneur and Aston Martin collector Barry Weir, this one-off special  happens to be the very last car built by Bertone before its demise in 2014. Now the Jet 2+2, together with its moulds is available for sale.

Weir was interested in the Jet 2 shooting brake based on the Aston Martin DB9 platform back in 2009, but it was actually Lilli Bertone’s personal car. Later in October 2012 he was contacted by Bertone for the opportunity of creating a new Jet 2. The project went ahead after Aston Martin saw the astonishing design. As Bertone closed its doors, Weir acquired the moulds and full-size clay model used for building his car in Aste Bolaffi’s Bertone auction last year.

The sale was made initially by Weir himself and he was the sole owner in the car’s history. It’s unclear why he wanted to part ways with his creation, but his loss is another person’s gain, or many others’ gain if the new owner decides to build replicas of this unique one-off.