Functional Sculpture
‘Breaking the Box’ exhibition by Sebastian ErraZuriz

The line between art and design can be difficult to determine sometimes, when there are art pieces offering some type of function, or functional design which looks like it should be revered as a piece of art. Showing now through to 9th of March at R & Company gallery in New York, Sebastian ErraZuriz’s solo presentation “Breaking the Box” brings us his newest, functional art sculpture that challenges the boundaries between art, design and technology.

The Chile born New York artist uses the highest level of traditional woodworking for creating these functional pieces from his Mechanical Cabinet series. “The mechanical cabinet series is part of an ongoing exercise to develop methodical and structured systems that are outside of the box. This aviary series embodies the daily reminder of the fragility of time and the need to also think freely and intuitively,” states ErraZuriz. These modular credenzas, cabinets and boxes appear simple at first but possess a surprising element. They feature interactive works that can rotate, spin, and take new shapes, colours and forms, merging both advanced technology and traditional craft and breaking the boundary between sculpture and function.