Retrospective Of The Future
Daniel Arsham 'Connecting Time' exhibition

Moco Museum in Amsterdam is now hosting Daniel Arsham’s first solo exhibition in city. Connecting Time showcase a selection of the New York artist’s work spanning the last decade of his career.

Included in the exhibition is the brand new interactive installation “Calcified Room”, consisting of a living space with mid-century style furniture covered in evocative ash and minerals. It looks like the archaeological relics that can be seen at the site of Pompeii. The Amethyst Ball Cavern, which was showed previously in New York, is given a new reiteration but still piled from hundreds of tennis and volleyballs for the catacombs effect. As in any of his exhibition, Arsham plays around with the idea of past, present and future, and invites his visitors to connect with the moment.

Connecting Time is open until 30 September. If you happen to be visiting Amsterdam this month, do also check out another Daniel Arsham exhibition at Galerie Ron Mandos which runs through 16 March. Static Mythologies presents some of the artist new works, including a few wrapped sculptures and the European debut of immersive installation “Lunar Garden”.