An Extreme Tesla Concept
Olympus Max by Tesla concept

We can appreciate Tesla for its ongoing innovation and the philosophy behind the brand. The models are efficient, sleek and of quality, but perhaps they are not filled with attributes that motor enthusiasts go crazy for. While we patiently wait for the upcoming second generation Tesla Roadster, which will not only be the quickest car of the brand but also one of the speediest among all production cars – electric or not – with a top speed exceeding 400 km/h. Ghent-based automotive designer Jeroen Claus has taken the brief further and created a Tesla hypercar for the digital world.

Tesla’s interesting new concept called The Olympus Max is set out to rival Aston Martin Valkyrie, Mercedes-AMG One and alike. The fascia and headlights of the unofficial concept are reminiscent of the current Teslas, while the rest of the car is clearly referencing Valkyrie, with the exception being the large fin running down from the top which could be borrowed from Mercedes-AMG One. Jeroen Claus has also designed new doors and carbon fibre aerodynamic components for the full electric concept. Taking a look at the interior, there is a rectangular steering wheel with floating screen, and a large vertical screen the centre of the dashboard. Underneath you can see a fire extinguisher too, implying the exhilarating performance of the concept.