Agile Cleaning
Tefal Air Force 360 Flex Pro

Power is always going to be the most important deciding factor in your vacuum cleaner shopping process, but it shouldn’t be the only factor — it’s equally essential to get a machine that actually reaches the deepest dusty spots in your home. The Tefal Air Force 360 ​​Flex Pro may look like just another cordless vacuum at first glance, but its unique Flex technology enables it to go places that others simply can’t.

Air Force 360 ​​Flex Pro features a flexible tube that makes it stand out among its peers. The tube connector can be unlocked with just a click of a button, allowing it to bend at an angle of up to 90 degrees and reach five times deeper under sofas and other low furniture pieces, than rigid tubes. The ultra-slim suction head is equipped with LED lights, which helps with visibility when hunting for dust and grime in the deepest, darkest corners of your apartment.

Air Force 360 ​​Flex Pro is powered by a motor that runs up to 6,500 rpm, yet is two times quieter than its predecessor. The 21.9V Lithium Ion battery features a three-hour fast-charge capacity and offers up to 35-minute running time. A full range of compatible tools and brushes helps tackle specific issues and different surfaces. For example, the mini motorised brush is ideal for vacuuming animal hair, while the ‘up top’ tool is useful for cleaning hard to reach furniture. There’s even a separate accessory called the Aqua Head — a 350ml water tank with a mop head — that can replace your mopper and clean up to 200 m2 with each fill.