4×4 Transformer
Land Rover Colossus Multipurpose Premium SUV Concept

The loading capacity of a standard SUV is sufficient enough for the daily commute or a short trip to the countryside, but when you’re heading further out for something more fun that requires even more space, there aren’t many choices that cover all the bases. Industrial designer Nicolas Araya has provided a solution to this problem by imagining a perfect hybrid between the SUV and the pickup.

Dubbed the Land Rover Colossus, the concept is positioned as a multipurpose premium SUV with maximised versatility and the additional functionality of a van or pick-up. The magic happens around the C pillar, which can slide forward and backwards to change the loading capacity. When it’s pushed to its limit, the Colussus is in its premium, seven-seat SUV mode with three rows of seats. Folding the third row of seats down and sliding the C pillar forward transforms the SUV into a five-seater with more luggage space. If that’s not enough, just fold down the tailgate, add a loading bed, and turn the SUV into a proper pick-up.

While the concept won’t be seeing production any time soon, this modular concept is something that major automakers should explore further — is this the future of the automotive industry?