A Tribute to Mankind’s Great Achievement
The Lunar Project

Could you imagine how a motorbike can be associated with human achievement in landing on the Moon?

“This project is a statement, we wanted to show that even a mature product such a Motorcycle can be innovated by applying Space-related technologies and design freedom.”

Such a remarkable statement was made by two Italian old-time friends with common passions, Michele Antolotti and Massimo Bercella, the founders of Carboni e Metalli, with their first award-winning project named “The Lunar Project”.

The Project was started with their tribute the to 50th anniversary of the moon landing.  Built based on the old KTM 250GS, the bike was reimagined with a futuristic approach.  Several cutting-edge technologies and materials first applied in NASA’s Apollo 11 Mission in 1969 like carbon fiber composites, 3D-printed aluminum triples, and carbon fiber and 3D-printed titanium swing-arm have been used while retaining some vintage details such as a steel frame and a 2-stroke engine.  This masterpiece has been awarded the Best In Show at Wildays 2019, which is definitely a great encouragement to Carboni e Metalli for their upcoming avant-garde project with passions.